What are Different Types of Headaches?

There are over 150 different types of Headaches with varying symptoms. Some of the most common headaches include:

Tension headaches: most common among teens and adults, tension headaches are mild to moderate in pain and tend to come and go. They are sometimes referred to as stress headaches or non-progressive headaches.Migraines: often described as intense and pounding pain. Migraines can last a few hours up to several days and typically occur multiple times per month. They are often accompanied by other symptoms like nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.Cluster headaches: occur in patterns or cluster periods over a couple weeks to several months. They are usually followed by periods where the headaches stop for several months or years, but then return. Cluster headaches tend to the most severe type of headache.

What Causes Headaches?

The pain associated with headaches is often due to changes in the blood vessels in the head caused by nerves sending pain signals to your brain. These pain signals can result from damaged joints, ligaments, muscles, and cervical discs in the neck. In some cases, the damage can be the result of an injury to the head, strain due to poor posture or tension from stress. When the vertebrae in your neck are unable to move properly, it irritates or puts pressure on the nerves in that area. That can be a root cause of headaches.
Lifestyle factors like skipping meals, changes in sleeping patterns or consuming alcohol can trigger or heighten these pain signals. Also, environmental factors like strong smells from chemicals, smoke or certain foods can be triggers.

How Does Renuva Treat Headaches?

Renuva’s doctors start by gathering as much information as possible about the patient’s history with headaches. Next, a thorough neuromuscular exam is performed along with imaging (if needed) to determine where damage in the cervical (neck) region may be causing or contributing to the headaches. If the doctor determines the patient is a candidate for Renuva’s non-invasive and drug-free CoreCare treatment protocol for headaches, then treatments can begin immediately.
Renuva’s CoreCare treatment protocol is a unique multi-disciplinary approach to treating pain with a combination of FDA-cleared technology and proven therapies that deliver pain relief.
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