How to survive 85 and more years

Middle age determinations lead one to healthy pathways or death.At the average age of life (50-60), it is a crossroads in the path of the healthy man. One path leads to two or three paths that extend to reaching the age of 85. This path, compared to others, can be in the ratio 1: 5,Studies highlight six factors that lead to a healthy old age:Do not smoke
  • * No more than two glasses of alcohol a day
  • * Normal blood sugar
  • * Normal blood pressure
  • * Not to be overweight
  • * Physical power
The greatest individual risk comes from smoking and drinking more than three alcoholic beverages a day, high blood sugar or high blood pressure. People who have all six factors have only a 22% chance of living 85 years and only a 9% chance of being healthy if they live longer.The healthiest people are non-smokers, strong, non-smoker, calm, with normal blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels. Such people have a 69% chance of surviving beyond the age of 85 and a 55% chance of being healthy at this age, according to studies from the University of Hawaii.The main pillars of healthNowadays people live longer and lead healthier lives. But most of those who reach the longest years of old age are women.More than twice as many females reach the age of 85 than males; three times as many as 90; and four times more celebrate the birthday with 100 candles. It is clear that the factors associated with healthy old age differ from men to women.Marriage factor for longer lifeMen cannot survive without a wife. Women certainly can. They can also enjoy themselves without spouses. So there are apparently some very significant and important gender differences for a healthy old age. The second social factor that Willcox and his colleagues have found is education.People with less education have an extra risk of dying before the age of 85, albeit small but significant (17%). But not finishing school reduces your chances of being physically and mentally healthy at over 85.But there may be other factors, as yet undiscovered. For example, some other experts say that being a parent plays an important role in people's health. But it is not yet known how this may affect the issue, as this issue has not been explored.Is there a secret to reaching as many years as possible?What are the secrets to reaching a healthy, old age? Nothing special, say the researchers. For example, researchers from Hawaii have found that drinking three or more alcoholic beverages a day reduces the chance of survival by up to 85 years to 97%. But this may not apply to everyone, until some studies show the benefits of consuming small amounts of alcohol daily.But what is more important?Tobacco, experts agree, is the 'kaymak' of death. After this major factor, stress management can be another key. And, we need to maintain proper weight, do gymnastics regularly, and stay in an active mental and social state.If you're a middle-aged person, here's the expert advice: First go to your doctor, do a thorough check and calculate your risk survival score. Second, start with these risk factors mentioned above.If you are a smoker, quit immediately. If you are overweight, lose weight. Start moving, be more active. Do some strenuous exercise. Learn new things constantly. And if you have a happy marriage, enjoy it even more.Remember, the above factors have been calculated since the age of 60, and are thought to be the most important. But that does not mean that there are no other factors that affect it, so be careful at every step.

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