Subaru Viziv Tourer is an aggressive preview of things to come 2018 GENEVA MOTOR SHOW

Subaru's recent Viziv concepts all follow the same theme: Bold design that kinda-sorta previews an upcoming production model. The same is true of this new Viziv Tourer concept, which debuts at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show this week. Underneath all that angular sheetmetal might be the bones of the next-generation Outback wagon.
At 188 inches long, the Viziv Tourer is nearly as long as the current-generation Outback. Yes, the front fascia is way too aggressive for something as mainstream as an Outback and that hood scoop likely won't make it to production. But Subaru clearly states that this wagon has crossover-ish intentions.
"The Viziv Tourer Concept is filled with a crossover mix of values to enhance active lifestyles," Subaru said in a press release.

Subaru says the Viziv Tourer packs a number of advanced driver-assist technologies, all expected to launch around 2020. For now, check out the high-res photos of the conceptual wagon from several angles in the gallery below.

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